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Erich Weiss

Erich Weiss is an award-winning creative director and filmmaker who has worked in film, advertising and editorial for more than 17 years. Beginning his career as an art director, Erich created work for such clients as Comcast, ESPN, X-Games, and Sony Entertainment. He has traveled the world as a documentarian, and directed numerous music videos, TV advertising spots, and films. His directorial film work has appeared in The South By Southwest Film Festival, New Orleans Film Festival , Portland Museum of Art, Honolulu Museum of Art, and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. He is a partner in the creative think tank WeHolden, and the former editor-at-large of Inked Magazine. He is originally from Philadelphia but prefers the climate and overall attitude of the west coast. He picks tents over hotels, is nicer than he looks, and can be at your house sooner than expected.



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